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71 - 100 of 100
38 Henderson, Nevada, United States
Seeking: Male 24 - 52
I am an entrepreneur, working from home or any place in the world, I was one of the 1st digital nomads when all people were working in the offices and haven't heard at all about COVID. My business team specialize in the research and development of artificial intelligence solutions. Yet I have to work on additional part-time projects or jobs to invest in it. So I am investing 1/3 of my busy time for money, 1/3 - for my own business and 1/3 - growing my little princess, who is 11 years old. Legally, I live, work and pay taxes in NV, but physically I stay in Belarus, my home country. Currently, I am in Belarus. Location specified here automatically based on my documents (driver license, green card and bank statement), because I decided to verify my profile. So I have to specify my current physical location here in my profile description, to be honest with people for whom the physical location of the future love is an essential factor. Living like that for about 10 years and counting. I love science, am very ambitious and have strong moral principles, definitely not mainstream. Sometimes I love talking to people and love to hear people's stories. I enjoy interesting/deep conversations, travelling (both camping or luxury), hiking to the beach or forest. My interests are aviation, physics, math, neurobiology... Sometimes I love to dance (have a degree in ballet), aerial silks and I am fun of rhythmic gymnastics. I am analytical, logical in thought and generally happy person. Sorry, tired of useless correspondence and have to make my "captcha". Please, say "singularity" as the very first word in the first message. I will not reply to others, as minimal IQ and attention required. What else? Ask! My deepest values are honesty, sincerity, loyalty, so I am very open-minded.
48 Izhevsk, Udmurt, Russia
Seeking: Male 47 - 62
I'd like to tell you about myself. So you consider now we are so far from each other, but it's not a problem, is it? As for me I am a sincere and arming woman. I can and I like to communicate.in general, people are very interested to me.Why they do so or not otherwise.Why they sometimes choose different relationships and refuse simple and happy ones. I love traveling! There are so many interesting things in the world that I have not seen yet. Maybe we can start exploring new places together. I get well with children easy. They are light and joyful creations. So I don't have any children, but I am sure I will try to become real friends if you've got them. Russians say "if you are going to somewhere it will be better doing all together we'll enjoy the new ATmosphère and colors of different countries, inhale alluring wells, discover the traditions and habits of the other people, amuse the beauty of architecture, admire the nature, listen to the melody of another language and try local ethenic cuisine. I will be very happy you like not only active recreation,but also you are interested in quiet meetings sitting at the fireplace. When the wood is crackling softly, you can tell the fire. I dream one day we will be sitting in our big bright house filled with air. The sun is rising outside the Windows, its colorful rays are blooming garden and I enjoy the fairy tale will never end. I feel again and again you are somewhere and at the moment it will happen we are together. You and I are meeting. And every day I am happy being with you/ it is a great surprise, joy and a little silence.
44 Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Seeking: Male 43 - 55
Hi, my name is Inna. I live in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I'm 43, single, 173 cm tall. I'm a very kind and sincere, friendly, and charming woman who can knock down with her beautiful smile. I have a good sense of humor and love to love. I have two degrees and continuing learning and developing internationally. For me doing physical exercises every morning has been the way of life for many years. So I'm very proud of my attractive appearance and slim body. I have good taste in clothes and prefer the elegant, classy style. I love both staying at home and going out and shine :) I like walking in nature. For me, scenting the fresh air, the beauty of fields and meadows is a big delight. The only thing, no mosquitoes, please))). I love the gym and swallowing, yoga and meditations. I believe in God, but not religious. Every day that God for the blue sky, beautiful occasions, pink sunset, marvelous window view, my son's smile and my loving one's support. Traveling is essential for me to discover new worlds, learn about variable cultures and taste original local cuisines. But most of all I prefer going on the sandy beach and enjuring the surroudings, sipping cocktails and watching the fire shows in the eventings. I have a 7-year old son. He is an adorable and smart boy who likes playing Minecraft and Roblox. To be honest, I play together with him))). I'm a fraud to be one of the four children of our big, friendly, and intelligent family. I like to be a strong motivator and support my man. In relationship, I can give all my warm, tenderness and care. I love to make the house cozy and full of love and life place, to create comfort, coziness and beauty. I love cooking and organization exciting weekends.
45 Houston, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 36 - 50
Gentlemen, please only write to me if you can conquer this entire text. I only like avid readers, it cannot be helped :) I favor all things classic bordering on old fashioned - old-world art, literature, romance and cuisine. Baking real bread, reading paper books and setting the table with fine china for everyday meals. I am fascinated by antiques, and many of my undertakings involve restoration. My dream project is a cosy historic house with a proper name, some land, a floor to ceiling library and a garden. I am not partial to glamor and show but I do enjoy the finer things in life. Texas has grown on me, but I very much entertain the idea of moving, whether within the US, to Canada or Europe. I miss cool dry summers, proper seasons and having the outdoors to actually enjoy. I left my O&G career about 5 years ago and hope not to have to return to a corporate job; my son is now 18 - that adds up to me being quite free to choose whether I leave Houston or stay. Learning a new language would be an interesting challenge, but it is essential that we are both fluent in a common one to begin with. I prefer live entertainment to movie theaters and watch TV rather selectively - mostly classical films and good BBC period dramas. An elaborate storyline and the sophistication of proper English are more fascinating to me than special effects. Similarly, I enjoy a good conversation without dumbing down my language and only like meaningful correspondence. I have no taste for constant small talk, slang, emojis and textspeak (surely there is no need to mention cursing and crassness). I am not terribly spontaneous and prefer plans made in style. A great homemade meal is better than dining out at a mediocre place, and restaurant ambience does matter. I do not shy away from major social functions, but consider partying through life rather boring. A voyage is great when my company and the destination are right, when traveling by myself I usually pick Russia. I have family there that I love and try to see about twice a year.