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28 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 28 - 39
Religion: Christian - Other
Welcome to my profile . Hello everyone . I'm Marianna or just Mara Before you like me or send me a message please bother to look at yourself in the mirror ( I'm after handsome , young man) and read my profile THOROUGHLY !!. I exactly know what I'm looking for and I'm not going to settle down for less . I'm here to find my future husband and nothing less than husband . Don't offer me a polygamous marriage , open relationship , a relationship that leads to nothing serious because I'm not after those and I'm not going to date for years . I don't need male friends or acquaintances don't offer me a friendship . I don't send nudes to no one , I don't do cam sex and I won't become any man's sex buddy . I'm demisexual and I take things seriously . Don't expect me jump to bed with you unless we're engaged . Some other things about me . I DON'T LIVE IN MOSCOW RUSSIA . I'm mixed and love my national background . Daughter of Latvian -Russian father and Armenian mother . I'm Christian ( Apostolic church ) . I have degree in nursing ( midwife - obstetrician ) but with no work experience in medical field . I don't have that " bubbling " personality although I like jokes and I can make people laugh . If you're looking for weatern shitty values in me I'm 100% not your match . Don't get fooled by my looks . Maybe I look much younger to my age but I'm almost 30 years old . I like change my hair colour frequently and use colour contact lenses . Anything else I will let you ask me if you come across with all my requirements written down below !! P.s- those that messaged me once and got no response from me or been rejected please don't like my profile and don't send me messages . My memory isn't falling . And please if you're interested in me plus few other women , you try to talk with us all please don't bother me anymore . Thanks .
61 Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia
Seeking: Male 42 - 70
Religion: Christian - Other
34 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
Religion: Christian - Other
Graceful and tender. The mysterious and passionate. A feminine, elegant, a radiant.  in love life. A creative profession allows you to see in every person individuality and rich inner world. A few years lived in the Solar and sweet Italy, having fallen into the national cuisine and sensually-melodic Italian language.  enjoy the flavor and culture of different countries, растворяюсь in the unique atmosphere.  I love lazing in the sun on the разгореченном sea beach, feeling the sweet touch of the warm waves to my body. Stroll The манящему ocean coast, enjoying the aroma of salt air and the whisper of light breeze. Plunge into the atmosphere of the historical places, dissolved in the fanfare of the ancient architecture of narrow streets and huge space, graceful amusement parks and the majestic castles. Breathe in the aroma of The дурманящих gardens. I love immersed in their thoughts for the needlework. With trembling отдаюсь emotionality latin dances, The страстности tango, the flight of Waltz, admitting in his body the impetus for this sensual music. From my touch of guitar and piano come alive and perform together with me the exquisite проникновенный romance. The presence of a strong man admires and gives the desire to be weak and fragile. Избраннику will give care, love and tenderness, affection and understanding. It will be the most happy! Graceful and gentle. Enigmatic and passionate. Feminine, elegant and radiant. In love with life. A creative profession allows me to see a personality and a rich inner world in every human. Several years lived in a sunny and sweet Italy, fell in love with the national cuisine and the sensually melodic Italian language. Enjoy the zest and culture of different countries, dissolve myself in a unique atmosphere.  I adore to bask in the glorious sunshine on a hot sea beach, sensing a delightful touch of a warm wave to my body. Stroll along the beckoning ocean coast, enjoying the scent of salty air and whispering breeze. Immerse into the atmosphere of historic places, dissolving myself into the pomposity of the ancient architecture of narrow streets and vast squares, graceful parks and majestic castles. Inhale the scent of dizzy gardens. I love to immerse in my thoughts at needlework.  The Quiveringly surrender myself to the emotionality of the Latin American dances, the passion of tango, the fly of waltz, letting in my body a momentum of the sensual music. A guitar and piano, revive at my touch and sing along with me an exquisite soulful romance. A presence of a strong man admires me and gifts a desire to be weak and fragile. I present the chosen one with care and tenderness, love, kindness and understanding. He will be the happiest!
34 Krasnodar, Krasnodar, Russia
Seeking: Male 29 - 37
Religion: Christian - Other



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