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40 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 32 - 54
"Lieber Mann, ich bin hier, weil ich eine sehr grosse Bitte habe – ich bin eine einsame Frau und ich suche einen ernsten ehrlichen Mann und "meine zweite Hälfte" für die Familie, für die Ehe und für das ganze Leben. Ich träume sehr davon, um eine glückliche Familie mit dem Mann, der mich immer versteht, der mich liebt und den ich liebe, zu gründen. Ich bin müde alleine zu sein und ich habe Bedürfnis sich um den Mann und um die Familie zu kümmern. Ich bin haushälterisch, häuslich, zielstrebig, ich habe vielseitige Interessen. Ich bin ehrlich und ich glaube an die Liebe, die das ganze Leben dauert. Ich habe zuerst Philologie und Fremdsprachen studiert und ich habe das Diplom als Philologe, danach habe ich Wirtschaftswissenschaft studiert und zur Zeit schreibe ich eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit an der Universität, ich bin auch eine Inhaberin eines Übersetzungsbüros. Wenn ich die Freizeit habe, so besuche ich Museen, Ausstellungen, treibe Sport, höre klassische symphonische Musik, verbessere Englisch und Deutschkenntnisse – ich lese Litheratur (Göthe, Schiller, Heine usw.) und Magazine auf Deutsch und höre Deutsche Welle. Mit Vergnügen führe ich den Haushalt und koche jedes Mal etwas Neues. Für mich ist es sehr wichtig die Hochzeit in der katholischen und in der orthodoxen Kirchen zu organisieren – ich bin gläubig und ich denke, dass die Familie auf solche Weise fest sein wird – für mich sind die Familienwerte und die Familientraditionen sehr wichtig, für mich ist es wichtig, dass der Mann mein Ehemann ist und mir vor dem Gott schwört und geschwört hat, das ganze Leben in einer beliebigen Situation mit mir zu sein.”
48 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 48 - 60
Don't you find that all our definitions of ourselves here are similar to an election campaign? I think we can’t evaluate and describe ourselves objectively. More importantly, I think we judge each other subjectively. So, I consider myself realistic. My ex-husband used to say: - Come down to earth. It's Complicated. You can't just get or do whatever you want. (In fact, I could and can still). My daughter says to me: - Mom, you are a pessimist. So who am I? The question is, who will I be to you? Therefore, instead of describing myself, I decided to tell a little more about myself. So you can read and characterize me by yourself. I adore learning. If I was paid for my education, I would not work a day - only studied. I have 2 higher educations. 1. Medical University, a pharmacist. It is a peculiarity of Russians to choose their first education at random. But while my children were growing up, knowing the impact of remedies was very useful, you know. 2. Graduate School of Business, with a degree Marketing Manager. I've loved marketing since my fifth year at the medical university. This is my greatest love. However, one day I’d had a midlife crisis. I left my job to look for myself. While I was looking, I was an accountant, financial director, secretary, and PR-manager for my ex-husband's business. And also a stock trader. It's my hobby. I'd like to return to it. Now I’m a copywriter, ghostwriter, and hope to become a real writer. Sometimes I write poetry, sometimes stories and fairy tales. I have a lot of ideas for my books, but I can't start to write them. So I decided to write books instead of others. It’s easier. I also write e-mail letters, articles, and posts on behalf of experts and business owners. It takes a lot of time and makes little money. But I like it. And I'm not ready to exchange this occupation for an office job. My Asc is Cancer, so I need to travel to feel happy. My dream is to travel around the whole world. At the same time, I'm a homebody. I get tired of noisy large companies. On the contrary, I’m energized from heart-to-heart communication in a close circle. I love listening to smart people and who are passionate about their business. I'm a good listener. But I'm a woman and I need to talk too. Usually, I don't say as much as now. I like more to write than talk. Nevertheless, sometimes I need good listeners too. I dream of living by the sea or ocean. While I live among the sea of snow 6 months a year. Until this May, I never thought about Australia. I believe that the Universe converses with me through other people, putting into their mouths the words I need to hear. A week before my birthday, I've been told a story. Listening to it, I've realized that Australia is a country where I'll find my happiness. I've started studying it. The first thing that attracted me was easy-going-people. They know how to relax. The fact is that I appropriate the feelings and emotions of the people around me. I feel a little tense living in Russia. When I communicate with optimistic people, I feel joy. I believe that by being surrounded by easy-going-people, I will feel easy too. I thank everyone who sent or will send me a message. Your interest really means a lot to me. However, there are so many messages! Please forgive me for not answering you. I just won't find that much time. Therefore, I wish you the best in finding your love. Thanks.
39 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 29 - 40
31 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 28 - 45
48 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 45 - 55
74 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 60 - 71
29 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male
34 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 26 - 30
38 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 29 - 42
58 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 49 - 70
36 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 18 - 99
25 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 22 - 35
59 Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 49 - 61



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