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30 Krasnodar, Krasnodar, Russia
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
Occupation: Medical / Dental / Veterinary
Я спокойная, иногда молчаливая, иногда веселая девушка. Я очень люблю быть на природе, жить за городом, любоваться лесом, горами, морем. Также, мне очень нравятся животные, особенно кошки. ♢ Для меня очень важен телесный контакт с партнером, обожаю целоваться, обниматься, делать массаж, и т.д. и т.п. Я очень страстная, могу и подчиняться и доминировать :) Люблю готовить и вкусно поесть, танцевать (контактную импровизацию), слушать музыку, особенно рок. . . . I am a calm, sometimes quiet, sometimes lively woman. Very gentle, but also very intense. Emotional as well as cool-headed. Laid-back, but with steely determination. ♢ I have always been fascinated by outer space, by s*x, spirals, by the colour blue so deep that it seems almost black. Contemplating vast, empty spaces, and the Mariana trench, makes me very happy. I love being in nature, admiring forests, mountains, rivers, and the sea. Animals are also my favourites, especially cats. ♢ Physical contact with a partner is very important to me, I love kissing, cuddling, giving massages etc, etc. I'm highly sensual, can be both submissive and dominant :) ♢ In a relationship I value lots of s*x, emotional attachment, mutual respect, open communication, commitment to making the relationship work. ♢ My hobbies are delicious food and cooking, dancing (contact improvisation), as well as listening to music, especially rock. I was born in Russia and I live here. My vision for the future is to travel the world together with a man I love, and hopefully our children.
32 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 28 - 41
Occupation: Medical / Dental / Veterinary
26 Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia
Seeking: Male 26 - 39
Occupation: Medical / Dental / Veterinary
My name is Elena or Lena, I was born and grew up in Saint Petersburg - the cultural capital of Russia. This is an amazing city that I simply admire, one of the most beautiful cities in the world (and I am not only saying that because I am Russian!). I am lucky to have great parents who raised me well, therefore family values are very important to me :) I graduated as a medical doctor with a specialization in Pediatrics. My residency program is Public Health Care Organization. My range of interests is wide and I like planning my day wisely. I enjoy intellectual conversations, I love self-educate myself and I always try to become better person than I am :) I love reading, spending time with family, doing and watching sports, volunteering, visiting exhibitions, cooking and baking, gardening, dining out, visiting theatres. I enjoy outdoor activities, I like staying in a good shape doing workout and lead a healthy life style. I am an avid sports fan, specifically I am interested in Formula 1, football and tennis. I adore traveling (I have visited about 30 countries), seeing other people, their traditions, customs, to get acquainted with their culture, going sightseeing, discover the secrets of local cuisine. I just would like to live a decent and full of impressions life :) Most of all in people I appreciate kindness, and I myself am a caring and kind person as well. It is important that people close to me are happy. I believe in stability, family strength and relationships/friendships built around mutual values, loyalty and trust. I am a feminine and gentle girl, but I have a strong opinion about everything ;)
62 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 60 - 85
Occupation: Medical / Dental / Veterinary
Bitte, ich bin daran interessiert, mehr über Sie, Ihre Interessen und Hobbys wissen? Vielleicht werden wir eine Chance haben, viele schöne Momente des Lebens zu finden .... Sie brauchen nur einen Wunsch nach einem persönlichen Gespräch haben, um einander in die Augen schauen müssen. Haben Sie ein nettes Vergnügen für ein glückliches Leben zusammen. Ich liebe einen guten Sinn für Humor, und dass macht das Leben schöner. Ich habe einen schönen und ruhigen Natur, entspricht mein Bild in die Realität. Meine Art und Ruhe der Natur hilft mir, jung aussehen und fühlen sich jung Bitte nehmen Sie nicht meine Zeit leer und nutzlos Korrespondenz. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis. английский Please, I am interested to know more about you, your interests and Hobbies? Perhaps we will have a chance to find many beautiful moments of life .... you need to have only a desire to have a personal meeting, to look into each other's eyes. Have a nice treat for a happy life together. I love a good sense of humor, and that makes life beautiful. I have a nice and calm nature, my picture corresponds to reality. My kind and calm nature helps me look young and feel young Please do not take my time EMPTY and useless correspondence. Thank you for your understanding. итальянский Per favore, mi interessa sapere di più su di te, i tuoi interessi e Hobby? Forse avremo la possibilità di trovare tanti momenti belli della vita .... è necessario avere solo il desiderio di avere un incontro personale, di esaminare l'altro negli occhi. Avere una bella sorpresa per una vita felice insieme. Amo un buon senso dell'umorismo, e che rende bella la vita. Ho una natura bella e tranquilla, la mia foto corrisponde alla realtà. Il mio genere e la calma della natura mi aiuta a guardare i giovani e sentirsi giovani Si prega di non prendere il mio tempo vuoto e la corrispondenza inutile. Grazie per la vostra comprensione.
33 Krasnodar, Krasnodar, Russia
Seeking: Male 28 - 45
Occupation: Medical / Dental / Veterinary
"I cannot be a part of such a world, where husbands were being dressed by their wives as women light behavior, posing on the show all that should be ardent. Where there is no notion of honor and dignity, and in the words of people can be invoked only when they say "I promise". Where women do not want children, and men do not want family. Where сосунки consider themselves to be successful in the car/paternity machines, and anyone who has a little more power is trying to prove to you, that you are but fools die. Where people hypocritically declare that they believe in God with an alcohol in the hands, and the lack of any understanding of their religion. Where the term jealousy, is considered to be shameful, and humility is a disadvantage. Where people have forgotten about love, and only looking for the best option. Where the people were renovating each shove his machine, spare no effort no money, no time, and they look so . that only expensive car can it hide. Where guys пропивают parental money in night clubs, кривляясь under primitive sounds, and "you don't remember what she sang to them because of this performance. Where m and G has been a long time since we are different, and where all of this together is called freedom of choice, but those who choose another path - заклеимят reactionary authoritarians. I chose their path, I am only the fact that I have not found the same understanding to those people, in which more than the whole of its explored ... "



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