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Curly Hair

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30 Krasnodar, Krasnodar, Russia
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
Hair type:
Я спокойная, иногда молчаливая, иногда веселая девушка. Я очень люблю быть на природе, жить за городом, любоваться лесом, горами, морем. Также, мне очень нравятся животные, особенно кошки. ♢ Для меня очень важен телесный контакт с партнером, обожаю целоваться, обниматься, делать массаж, и т.д. и т.п. Я очень страстная, могу и подчиняться и доминировать :) Люблю готовить и вкусно поесть, танцевать (контактную импровизацию), слушать музыку, особенно рок. . . . I am a calm, sometimes quiet, sometimes lively woman. Very gentle, but also very intense. Emotional as well as cool-headed. Laid-back, but with steely determination. ♢ I have always been fascinated by outer space, by s*x, spirals, by the colour blue so deep that it seems almost black. Contemplating vast, empty spaces, and the Mariana trench, makes me very happy. I love being in nature, admiring forests, mountains, rivers, and the sea. Animals are also my favourites, especially cats. ♢ Physical contact with a partner is very important to me, I love kissing, cuddling, giving massages etc, etc. I'm highly sensual, can be both submissive and dominant :) ♢ In a relationship I value lots of s*x, emotional attachment, mutual respect, open communication, commitment to making the relationship work. ♢ My hobbies are delicious food and cooking, dancing (contact improvisation), as well as listening to music, especially rock. I was born in Russia and I live here. My vision for the future is to travel the world together with a man I love, and hopefully our children.
33 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 29 - 37
Hair type:
Well I'm not gonna make self-advertisment, but my friends and family members say, that I'm a very friendly,charming, out- and easy-going, humerous and helpful person. On the other hand, I'm very emotional, passionate,cheerful, skittish, enthusiastic, impressionable,sensual... but it doesn't disturb me to be a very calm, kind, tender,sincere,tolerant,understanding, compliant, thoughtful and sensible young lady. I' m very faithful and loving. It depends on my mood and on that what do you expect from me.. I really can be different. Love for me is that powerful remedy that moves us above, makes us better.. It' s a spring of beauty, joy and happiness. If I love, I do it with all my soul.. from the buttom of my heart, with all my energy and tenderness... If I love I do all in order that my lover would be the happiest man on the earth. I highly appreciate the romance in the relationship, but nevertheless I try to be a realist and understand that it can't continue forever, that's why I view suppose that the main feelings between 2 people are respect, confidence,honesty, reliability and mutual understanding. I'm extremely fond of discovering, adventures, traveling and meeting new peolpe, their culture, traditions and lifestyles.I'm in favor of healthy active lifestyle, that's why you wouldn't find the thing I'm not interested in reading, art, foreign languages, philosophy, dancing, chating with friends, sport, clubs, music, cooking, skating, museen, theaters - all I do with great pleasure. . And I'm looking for a person, who will enjoy all these delightful events of life with me!=)))



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