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41 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Kamchatka, Russia
Seeking: Male 42 - 45
Hair color: Brown
I am 41 years old, Russian-American. I am a teacher, self-employed. I am very talented, kind and hard-working. In fact, I wish I wasn't that hard-working. I am trying to learn to relax and enjoy my life more these days. I am raising two boys, being a good parent to them is my main focus. I love kids, so, if my partner has children, that's wonderful. I'm independent, honest (but I've learned to keep my mouth shut), happy and content. I am your girly girl. I like dresses and heels, I love embroidery and knitting, I sew and paint, I play the piano and the violin and own a very impressive library. I am a gourmet cook, I am an excellent baker. However, I've been a single parent long enough to be the breadwinner and to plan strategically and do all of the things that are typically done by men. So what. I respect all religions, but it is Christmas for my kids in December. We decorate our home, we put up a tree, bake gingerbread houses and leave cookies for Santa. Carrots for Rudolph, too. Politically, I take the middle-of-the-road path; the politics will not divide my family. I don't care if you're for Greta or against her, I'll stick around if you're worth it. I love chess, reading, travelling, cooking, crafts, all of that good stuff. I like to be active, but there are plenty of days when I just act like a couch potato. I love history! Do you? My older son is studying German, so visiting Germany and Austria is on our to do Iist. I love Great Britain, so visiting it is on our to do list too. Let's have a wonderful new year, alright?
31 Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Russia
Seeking: Male 25 - 41
Hair color: Brown
I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to share our lives =) I can relocate only to English-speaking or Russian-speaking country, cause I dont know other languages. I believe I am fluent in English. (I still do mistakes from time to time, and I have nice European accent). I am not interested in pen-pals(I am sorry, I am sure you will find another person who is interested in chatting). I am interested in long-term relationship, I want to have a family with kids and loving husband. I am afraid to live in big building, and dont feel comfortable to live upper the 7-floor in building. (Accustomed to live in small buildings and houses). About Myself (31yo/167cm/60Kg). I come from an educated family who I am very close with. I am looking for person with whom we can build our family. So we can grow old together, have kids, have fun, and live the time of ours lifes. I am mathematician by education. I used to work in IT. I put lots of time and effort pursuing knowledge. In the same time the only real thing what I want to have is family with loving husband and kids. Hobbies I like most of outdoors activities : mountain skiing, ice skating, walking on the beach, hiking, etc. My Goals My future husband and soulmate will be my best friend. I am dreaming about creating a happy family together. The real life I hope to find someone serious and realistic, cause I know, unfourtanetly life is not all about love and butterflies, there must to be chances that it will be comfortable for us living together in your country. That parents and relatives will be ok with that. Cause family is the most important thing in the world. Also there is high possibility that I could not be able to work in your country, considering my education, experience, and future kids, so I am asking about being realistic. Thank you for your time.



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