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Wondering why there is such a fuss about attractive Russian women? Why are men lusting after atractive Russian brides more than any other women in the world. We think we have a few reasons that will prove to you that these ladies are pretty amazing.

Wondering why there is such a fuss about attractive Russian women? Why are men lusting after atractive Russian brides more than any other women in the world. We think we have a few reasons that will prove to you that these ladies are pretty amazing.

Serious About Marriage

If they meet a man that they like, they will more often than not assess the man based on his ability to take care of her, their future children and the family. They rarely look for casual hook ups as marriage is a very important part of the culture in Russia.

Very Domesticated

Russian brides are said to make excellent housewives, great cooks and loving mothers. Men believe that they take good care of their home, children and that you can be assured of regular homemade meals! For this reason, she will normally choose a partner who has good traditional family values for a lasting relationship. Many Russian women seek men who are 10 to 15 years older than they are. They commonly believe that older men are more mature, stable, supportive, and reliable for providing a strong foundation to build a lasting relationship on.

Great Mothers

It is commonly recognised that a Russian wife’s greatest achievement is to be a wife and a mother. Even though one may choose to be a career woman, her greatest efforts are known to be put on raising a good family. Attractive Russian women usually value the family unit and are said to love their children very much. Many brides prefer staying home and being full time mums so that they can take care of their own children instead of hiring nannies.

Always And Forever

Once they get married to a man of their dreams, a Russian woman will usually strive to be yours forever. In Russia, brides are not known to rush to break up or end their relationship with a divorce. It is not common for a married Russian woman, even if she is struggling with everyday marital issues won'to divorce her husband to look for another man. It is commonly recognised that a Russian wife will work hard to save her marriage.


Russian women are said to mature faster both emotionally and mentally. They therefore are known to handle relationships and their marriages in a more mature way. This kind of maturity can make them understanding and very patient partners. Definitely the kind of attractive wife every single man desires to marry!


Russian ladies are widely known to be concerned about their appearance, and strive to always look beautiful. It is usually very important to them that they feel and look attractive all the time. This is not only for their own satisfaction, but also for their husbands

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39 Sochi, Krasnodar, Russia
Seeking: Male 38 - 47
Appearance: Very attractive
I am a linguist and translator. One of my main interests is to learn other cultures and meet people from all around the world. This is not why I am here :) My work gives me the opportunity to communicate with people from all around the world. But at the same time I am a woman, who is dreaming to have a full traditional family with a special man. I hope this web-site would work for me and I meet my soulmate soon! Sochi — the place where I live, has became globally well known because of 2014 Olympic Games in Russia. I was working there as a translator and it was a very unique experience! In my usual days I am leading a tour company: this is a business which was started by my dad. That’s how my childhood dream came true: I was dreaming to become a tour guide. Traveling is also a big part of my life. I equally enjoy small trips to the nature, as well as spontaneous weekend in NY city. I love Europe too and hope one day to have a fun family round-trip on a car around all that small towns and villages! I would call it a dream, and know, one day it will come true! I feel an obligation to my son to introduce him to our big big world and let him celebrate the cultural difference! I also love to spend time building the perfect routs for fun, for my clients or friends. Tickets, hotels, interesting places, restaurants... It’s like a perfect trip-constructor. In my daily routines my interest is simple: I love to make good coffee, and enjoy windows views, waiting, when my drink cools down just perfect, so I could start my day.
24 Podol'sk, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 27 - 55
Appearance: Very attractive
I know what I am looking for and here is what I can give... I wake you up by a tender kiss... We pray and then go for a run together. We take a long hot shower... We eat together around the table a healthy nutritional breakfast. I help you do your tie. I look you in the eyes with total belief that you are 1 in anything that comes your way. I kiss you goodbye, and you feel how much you will be missed. While at work, you are 100% focused on the business and I never disturb you...except for the surprise breaks that I know you need from time to time ;) You never worry about what's going on at home while you are away on the battlefield. You know that I am fully committed to you and this will not change with time, because we live with God and I cherish our sacred Union. I take care of our home and our children. We raise them together in Love and respect. They know that Dad is the boss, and that Mummy will never go against Daddy, because we are A team. I teach our girls how to be proper ladies, while you show our boys how to be proper gentlemen by your example. I know what you like and I share your interests. We travel the world together and we enjoy the finer things in life, because we can and because we LOVE it. When we walk into the restaurant, everybody stares at us in awe, because we look perfect next to each other. We never watch TV, because we ARE the news headlines. I never get angry with you or annoy you, because you are my King, and thus, I should act as your Queen at all times. Every night I fall asleep in your arms and thank God for the day I met you. P.S: I am waiting for you, my King. Where are you?
29 Krasnodar, Krasnodar, Russia
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
Appearance: Very attractive
Я спокойная, иногда молчаливая, иногда веселая девушка. Я очень люблю быть на природе, жить за городом, любоваться лесом, горами, морем. Также, мне очень нравятся животные, особенно кошки. ♢ Для меня очень важен телесный контакт с партнером, обожаю целоваться, обниматься, делать массаж, и т.д. и т.п. Я очень страстная, могу и подчиняться и доминировать :) Люблю готовить и вкусно поесть, танцевать (контактную импровизацию), слушать музыку, особенно рок. . . . I am a calm, sometimes quiet, sometimes lively woman. Very gentle, but also very intense. Emotional as well as cool-headed. Laid-back, but with steely determination. ♢ I have always been fascinated by outer space, by s*x, spirals, by the colour blue so deep that it seems almost black. Contemplating vast, empty spaces, and the Mariana trench, makes me very happy. I love being in nature, admiring forests, mountains, rivers, and the sea. Animals are also my favourites, especially cats. ♢ Physical contact with a partner is very important to me, I love kissing, cuddling, giving massages etc, etc. I'm highly sensual, can be both submissive and dominant :) ♢ In a relationship I value lots of s*x, emotional attachment, mutual respect, open communication, commitment to making the relationship work. ♢ My hobbies are delicious food and cooking, dancing (contact improvisation), as well as listening to music, especially rock. I was born in Russia and I live here. My vision for the future is to travel the world together with a man I love, and hopefully our children.
41 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 30 - 53
Appearance: Very attractive