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Belarus women must be the best-kept Eastern Europe secret. Most men know about the beauty of the other Eastern Europe women especially the Russians and Ukrainians but how often do you hear about Belarusian women? Well, Belarus is a very small landlocked country in East Europe which is why you rarely hear about Belarus women, however, the women from Belarus are usually incredibly stunning. Very little is known or heard about these women despite them being some of the most gorgeous women in the world. So what are these elusive Belarus ladies really like? Here is a sneak preview into what Belarus women are really like.


Stunning Natural Beauties

Belarus women are considered to be natural beauties, a trait usually attributed to the belief that they hardly spend a lot of time on beauty regimes and rarely use excessive makeup or accessories to look good because they just are naturally beautiful. This is often attributed to the unique geographical location of their country. Belarus is surrounded by Poland, Russia & Ukraine which means there has been a lot of intermarriage over the years giving Belarusian women a unique mixture of Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian features which is believed to make them incredibly stunning. While they have the rare Slavic features of fair skin, blonde hair and defined bone structures they also often said to have an amazing personality to match these amazing bodies. Belarus women can be described as beautiful inside and outside.

Well Maintained Physique

Belarus women seem to have perfected the art of maintaining a sexy, healthy and fit physique even at the age of sixty! It is believed that Belarus women are taught how to take care of their bodies from a tender age through the food they eat and regular exercise. When you eat Belarus cuisine, one of the things visitors notice is that their food rarely contains a lot of fat or oil and food such as burgers or fries are not very common in their country. In addition, most of them take physical exercise and gym routines very seriously which is why there are many fitness centers all over Belarus.

High Moral Standards

Perhaps because Belarus is a still considered by many as a very traditional country, most of the women are known to be well mannered and polite by nature. This is easily noticed by how the women dress and how they behave in public. While Belarus women are often described as sexy and dress very elegantly, they do not overdo it and they tend to be decent in their dressing. They are generally less flashy or extravagant than other women from Eastern Europe.

Friendly and Fun

Contrary to what many think, Belarus women are not as serious and unfriendly as they are often portrayed. Belarus women are usually very polite and friendly and tend to be very cheerful and chatty, characteristics which make them very approachable. They love to have fun, to dance, to party and be the center of attention which makes them a lot of fun to be around.

Excellent Homemakers and Remarkable Spouses

As a result of their traditional upbringing, most Belarus women are brought up to respect gender roles which means in most cases they allow the man to be the head of the relationship and the family. It is said that they are groomed to be excellent homemakers and remarkable spouses from an early age. From childhood, some of their mothers and grandmothers train them how to take care of the home and how to take care of their husbands. A very rare trait that many men find very appealing. This in turn usually makes them very caring and nurturing mothers and loving wives. The family structure in Belarus is very close knit and Belarus women value the importance of family and maintain close relationships with their families even when they relocate to live outside of Belarus.

Loving and Loyal

Similar to the women of Russia, Belarusian women are said to make excellent wives because they are considered to be very faithful and loyal. Given their high moral standards, most Belarus women tend to be committed and value relationships. Once a Belarus woman finds her true love, she usually dedicates herself to her husband. This unique quality of loyalty is what many men find very appealing when it comes to Belarus women.

The reason many men are intrigued by Belarus women is because of their conservative yet very attractive nature combined with their high morals and nurturing characteristics. They are believed to have a unique mix of all these amazing qualities in moderation which makes many men seek them. If you would like to meet one of these amazing yet rare women, simply sign up on RussianCupid.com to interact with hundreds of single Belarus women.



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47 Minsk, Minsk, Belarus
Seeking: Male 42 - 52
"I don't have to. Elegant and beautiful , indent , romantic and loyal ... Life is like a piano. what you get out of it depends on how you play it. Im happy , loyal and positive. Life is beautiful and amazing if you want to be happy...... My philosophy of life is simple: If you are tired of negative and toxic people, change yourself. Wake up at 5 am, do breathing exercises, yoga, listen to the birds sing in the morning, get rid of bad thoughts and habits, change your parameters . Love your self .don't change people, modeling yourself, listen to your little girl inside you. A woman who knows how to listen to herself and love life in all its beauty creates harmony and balance around helf. Only a happy woman, charismatic and sexy, feel a man and know how to build partners. The relationship between a man and a woman is a long way, built on respect, attention, love, kindness and loyalty, responsibility .. The "superficial and consumer relations" should not be started, lasting emotions and resources leads to disappointment. I want real and serious relations without divorce, we are adults and we must be honest with ourselves. If you like my perspective of a deep and serious relationship, write. Let's start to share happy moments together, life is to short to avoid real healthy relations .. My partner and I may have different interests in life, but it would be great to have the same values ​​. I like men with optimism and character .. GREAT AMBITION is THE PASSION OF a GREAT CHARACTER (N.B) to live the way you want is not selfishness. Selfishness is when others have to live and think the way you want ... Oscar Wilde ...
37 Minsk, Minsk, Belarus
Seeking: Male 29 - 34
45 Hrodna, Hrodzyenskaya, Belarus
Seeking: Male 48 - 59